The Basics of connecting

up:: Start connecting Scripture You can connect Scripture in three ways: Linking, embedding and back links.


This is the very fabric of practicing Connected Biblical Thinking and reaping the Benefits of Connected Biblical Thinking.

As you would link any other note, establish a link to a specific verse using the [[]] syntax and then hitting # (for a link to a header) and reference the verse. Example: 1.

You can also set a display text, using the pipe (|): In the beginning


Embed a verse (or chapter) by prefacing it with ! as such:

Transclude of Prov-2#6

Using various CSS tweaks for Obsidian Publish, you can prettify the embed.

Open these two scriptures in a new note: 1 and 6.

In the right hand panel, you can see all notes in which those passages are linked. This is a real game changer. Now, whenever you open a passage, you can see all of your thoughts on it! It’s like margin notes on steroids.

As you can see here, Connecting simplifies retrieving.

Start connecting!

Now that you’ve got the basics, 26003769-0269-4975-855C-376DBFF25A11!