Connecting makes you engage Scripture

up:: Benefits of Connected Biblical Thinking This is the game-changer. In connecting our Study notes we are forced to evaluate every thought against the backdrop of Scripture. This makes us engage with Scripture in a holistic way.

This gets even more powerful when we use Obsidian not only for Bible Study but for all of our Interests. The framework of connecting every thing sets the stage for living a God-centered life. Now Connected Biblical Thinking does not merely become an organization tool but a discipleship tool.

I am curious about a vast array of topics – each in my Interests. Since each of the notes on my interests co-exists in a database with the library of Scripture, I am forced to engage with Scripture, asking it, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, on it’s perspective.

My notes grow from stenciled theology into a living organism. Every thought is interacting with the God-inspired Word. I am more and more centering my life around Christ.

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