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Enjoying life is good

Our success in overcoming temptation will be easier if we are basically happy in our lives. To cut off joys and pleasures associated with our bodily and social existence as “unspiritual”, then, can actually have the effect of weakening us in our efforts to do what is right Dallas Willard – The Spirit of the Disciplines

Transclude of Eccles-7#16

Celebration is intentional enjoyment

We engage in celebration when we enjoy ourselves, our life, our world, in conjunction with our faith and confidence in God’s greatness, beauty, and goodness.

In Deut 14 God outlines a stunning celebration feast:

  • 23: “Eat before Yahweh your God” – God is at the center of our enjoyment and celebration
  • 26: “Trade the money for whatever your soul desires” – even “strong drink” is listed as an example. There are good things provided by God to enjoy.
  • 26: “You and your household” – celebration happens in community. In celebrating, don’t forget the marginalized (29).