Anterior cingulate

up:: The Brain This processes social awareness, intuition and empathy. It sits between the frontal lobe and the limbic system, keeping a balance between our feelings and thoughts.

If you have a greater anterior cingulate, you are less likely to react in fear and anger and have greater empathy. It is crucial for empathy and compassion.

It is also involved in emotional regulation (Emotional wellbeing MOC), Learning and Memory MOC.

It is especially prone to aging. It also enhances social awareness a feature that tends to deteriorate with age.

The anterior cingulate is larger in women than in men

This might be an explanation why generally women have more empathy and are more socially skilled than men.

Bigger might not always mean better though. Men who have difficulty expressing their feelings or feeling other’s have an enlarged right side. That suppresses the fear-generating activity of the Amygdala.