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The Power of Thinking without Thinking



In an instant, our subconscious reaches decisions before we consciously realise. This can be incredibly powerful, we notice things even if we can’t articulate them.

It can also trip us up. When in high stress situations or under time pressure, our brain takes shortcuts and embraces stereotypes.

We should give our subconscious more credit. It is a powerful force, for bad or for good.


  • Snap judgements are quick
    • Before we realise the solution to a problem consciously, our brain comes to a conclusion.
    • ”Thin Slicing”: Ability to grasp the crucial aspect which informs all information.
    • For marriage, contempt is the crucial emotion. If contempt shows up, the marriage is in trouble.
  • Snap judgments are unconscious
    • We can’t articulate why we do what we do.
    • People are ignorant of the things that affect their actions.
  • Micro-expressions: For milliseconds, our face shows our real feelings.
    • That’s how we pick up on other people. We thin slice their facial expressions.
    • People with Autism have a really hard time understanding the micro expressions.
    • Through micro-expressions we do mind reading