Universal Rendering

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Aka Server Side Rendering.

This has some sub-categories:

  • prerender: pages are generated at build time (aka static site generation)
  • swr: pages are generated on demand on the server and cached until API response changes
    • ”State While Revalidate”
  • isr: pages are generated on demand, cached until the next deployment, usually on CDN
    • ”Incremental Static Regeneration”

How does Nuxt render sites?

  • SSR (Nuxt Static rendering modes) : Server side rendered. Request → Server (processing) Server → Client.
    • Fast start up
    • Slow interactions
  • SPA: One big JavaScript bundle. Client → Server. Client (processing). This called hydration.
    • Slow initial page load
    • Fast on subsequent trip

Nuxt renders with Universal Rendering

  • First render happens SSR. While the site is rendered and you’re browsing around, Nuxt sends though the bundle (like a SPA).


  • Better for SEO
  • Fast browser loading times
  • Still gets all SPA benefits

Hybrid Rendering

In the defineNuxtConfig, you can define per route if you want the page to be rendered server-side or client side.