Royal Assassin

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The first book of the series took a bit of time to get me hooked. In this book the plot really began to thicken. Often Fantasy can follow a predictable plot: The underdog is the chosen one and in the last moment unleashes his magic to save the world.

This series diverts from this script and tells a very unique story. One in which the protagonists aren’t spared from pain and loss. Not the entire plot was moved foward by Fitz, the protagonist but he was sometimes subject to other people’s scheming and plans. A picture that seems so much more realistic.


Moreover, the stakes and outcomes were similarly realistic. The first book ends on what in a video game would be just a side quest. But that sort of challenge was realistic compared to the skills of Fitz. The seond book was a *The Empire Strikes Back*-esque experience. The villain seemingly won, the hopes are scattered and our heroes are worse off than before.

In this series plans don't always work out and the heroes have opposing views ans motivations. It made for an all the more intriguing read.

Just one character, Molly, was hard for me to follow. I might have missed something but her behaviour of love/withdrawal seemed erratic.

All in all, this was an amazing, 5-star read! One of my favourite Fantasy reads ever.