Radical individualism is the modus operandi in post-Christianity

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“sanctions ignorance about the world, and therefore blinds adherents to its effects in that world. It begins with basic liberal principles—the sanctity of the individual, the priority of freedom, distrust of public authority, tolerance—and advances no further. It has no taste for reality, no curiosity about how we got here or where we are going. … It has no interest in institutions and has nothing to say about the necessary, and productive, tension between individual and collective purposes.” – Mark Lilla1

This idea of radical individualism is held by seemingly opposed groups. It prevalent in the political left as well as right and sadly, often also in our churches.

It is almost religious in its unquestioned faith that all we need to do “is give individuals maximum freedom in every aspect of their lives and all will be well.”1


Radical individualism is the modus operandi in post-Christianity


  1. Mark Lilla, “The Truth about Our Libertarian Age: Why the dogma of democracy doesn’t always make the world better,” The New Republic, June 17, 2014, http://www.newrepublic.com/article/118043/our-libertarian-age-dogma-democracy-dogma-decline. 2