Messiah imagery

==Level of Certainty: Low certainty as to this being a comprehensive treatment of the Messiah imagery. So far it’s some transient notes to develop later. Level of Effort: All insights are from podcast or book I listened to. I haven’t dug much deeper.==

Messiah (Hebrew): “chosen one”, “anointed one” Greek equivalent: Christos

”Anointed one”

Anointment is a symbol of God’s choosing of that person either as king (1, 13, 14) or high priest (Exodus 30).

”Chosen one”

In 1 Cyrus, a foreign king is given the title as someone who is to bring about God’s purposes to his people.

Then the title became more associated with the specific Anointed One from the line of David who would sit on the throne of David forever (13). 25 prophecies about the specific Messiah, the chosen Anointed One.

Righteous intercessor

Whenever an intercessor stepped into the biblical narrative, God always responds. In fact, he command Jeremiah not to pray so that he would not be hindered.

It also only takes one righteous person to “change God’s mind”. Exod 32, Exod 33 and Exod 34 describes Moses as one man interceding on behalf of his people, even willing to lay down his life for them.