Sleep MOC: Commentary

up:: Examples of inductive note-taking As an example how to engage topics with Connected Biblical Thinking, I will outline stages of MOC creation and adaption below:

Stage 1

I was reading a book on sleep and very convinced about the importance of it. I added one of the created notes in a MOC:

Sleep MOC

Stage 2

In this MOC there is no connection to Scripture. That is fine initially. I would jot down ideas, test them and see how they fit into a God-centered life.

The first Bible verse that comes to my mind on the importance of Sleep is 19. We are called to steward our body. I would add that into the MOC:

Sleep MOC

Stage 3

After a couple of days of making sleep a big priority in my life, I noticed a tension. Making sleep increasingly important in my life would sometimes come at the cost of relationships.

After some consideration, I might stumble upon the story in the gospels where Jesus, fully at peace in the Father’s presence, was awakened during a storm by the frightened disciples: 39. In love, Jesus forwent sleep to calm the storm and address to worries of his disciples.

I add important nuance into the MOC:

Sleep MOC