Jesus, the new Adam

up:: Jesus Christ John 1 mirrors the Creation account, describing the restoration of the created order through Jesus the Messiah.

Jesus shows true humaness

He shows us what a true image bearer looks like.

Transclude of 1-Cor-15#21
==—21== 17 – “Reign” in life, like we are supposed to as Image bearers. Jesus is ruling like we are supposed to.

Jesus, fully and truly human

Jesus lived a fully human life and died a fully human death. He shows us what a truly human life looks like. Jesus acted continually in understanding God’s character, empowerment by the Holy Spirit and communion with God, the Father.

Often, seeing Jesus as the new Adam seems so divine and disconnected. Something that so stands out to me is 35. Jesus wept. He knew that Lazarus would rise but he so identifies with us and is with us in our struggle, even knowing that ressurection would come. He cried.

Jesus restoring the garden

Jesus restored the beauty and abundance of the garden in his ministry on earth.

Jesus resisting temptation

As Adam and Eve were tempted leading to The Fall, Jesus was tempted to take a shortcut. As the Messiah he was to inherit the kingdoms either way, yet the enemy tempts him to receive the kingdoms in an instant. Jesus resists, breaking the circle of the Fall.

Jesus fulfilling the covenants

Jesus being the perfect image bearer, he fulfills the Biblical Covenants on behalf of us.

Joining in Jesus’ work in partnership with him

21: As Jesus redeemed creation, we now do it in partnership with him. Whenever we go somewhere on missions or a trip it’s not really that we are “bringing Jesus”. He is already there. He is already at work.

We are inviting people into this partnership and fellowship with him. This is Humans are called to advance the Creation project.