Post-Christianity corrodes institutions

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Radical individualism and instiutions struggle to co-exist

Institutions impede on complete personal freedom. They require sacrifice and show us our limits. Yet lack of institutions were found to be one of the biggest factors in why nations fail[^2]. We hold the unspoken belief that the best organising principle is the one in which the individual will is paramount.

Insitutions show us our limits, the remind us that indeed we are not God. Institutions are beliefs enfleshed. They are created to last. To pass on the wisdom from generation to generation, reminding us that we are not the center of history.

Transclude of 2-Cor-10#13
Transclude of 2-Cor-10#14
2 Corinthians 10:13–14

Paul reminds us that limitations, our defined space of being, is a gift. It shapes us into Christlikeness. The boundary-less space that post-Christianity assigns to the individual leaves us feeling burned out and depleted. Post-Christianity fails to satisfy.

Radical individualism shuns the nature of institutions that require sacrifice. However, as humans We need to sacrifice ourselves for community.