How to add an Obsidian note to the homescreen on Android

1: Setup

  • Download the Obsidian mobile app
  • Install the “Advanced URI” plugin
  • Download an automation app: Automate (free) or Tasker (paid)

In Obsidian

  • Open the command pallete in the Obsidian app (swipe down by default).
  • Search for “Advanced URI” and select with file you want to copy a link to.

2: Automation app

a) Automate

  • I created a simple flow to open the Daily note in Obsidian: Open Daily Note in Obsidian. By duplicating the flow and editing the “Data URI” field, you can open any Obsidian link in here.
  • Manual instructions. If you’re wary of downloading a script from the internet, here are the basic instructions:
    1. Create a new flow in Automate
    2. Select App start as a block
    3. Select md.obsidian for “Package”
    4. Select md.obsidian.MainActivity for “Activity class”
    5. Select View for “Action”
    6. Paste your URL in the field “Data URI”
    7. Connect the block Flow beginning with the Start App block

b) Tasker

  • Open Tasker. Through the + icon, create a new task and give it a name.
  • Add an action with the + icon. Select “Browse URL”.
  • Paste the copied URI in the “URL” box.
  • With the arrow back, go to the task overview and select an image by tapping the icon in the middle at the bottom.
  • Save the task and exit Tasker.

3: Homescreen

  • Add a widget to the homescreen.
    • Automate: Select “Flow shortcut” in the “Automate” section.
    • Tasker: Select “Task Shortcut” in the “Tasker” section.
  • There you go! By long-pressing you can customize the name or icon.
  • Now you can add shortcuts to anything!