The Will of the Many

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  • [rating:: 5]
  • [added:: 2023-05-27]
  • [started:: 2023-06-04]
  • [read:: 2023-06-22]


  • the setting was great
  • the magic, in pure Islington fashion had it’s moments of climax and was then mind-blowing
  • While a competent protagonist is fun, it was almost too much for Vis. “I did this during my childhood” became a bit of a meme. Especially with the swordfight
  • I liked how Ulciscor was just kind of a baddy. Like he is likeable but if Vis would have failed, he would have put him on a sapper without flinching. Went a bit against my expectations and the trope of an adopted father
  • Relucia being Ulciscor’s wife was a wild reveal
  • Wolf-like fantasy puppies saving the day is a trope, but it is also still cool
  • Islington mentioned this as Red Rising meets Kingkiller Chronicles.
  • Emissa was bound to betray him but it still was wild how she did. Black eyes, imbued dagger.
  • Veridius was such an interesting villain – scheming and manipulating behind the scenes.
  • How did the Anguis even get to the island? Ships should have sunk
  • Who is the other person that the Anguis have in the academy? Was that Emissa?