Setting up Obsidian on Android with Dropbox sync

🤳 If you keep your desktop Obsidian vault in Dropbox, you can easily take it on the go!

Essential apps

Setting up sync

☁️ Although Dropbox has an app for Android, it doesn’t create a local copy and therefore isn’t accessible for Obsidian mobile. Dropsync to the rescue!

⚠️ Through these procedures you connect your vault in the cloud with the vault on your phone. Be aware that deletions also will sync. Before this procedure, and regularly afterwards, back up your data.

(🧰 You can find an even more detailed explanation in the Obsidian forums.)

  • In Dropsync (or FolderSync), connect your Dropbox account and pick a location for your local vault. The app will keep your local copy and cloud in sync.
  • Enable Two-way sync
  • Under Settings > Synchronization, you can enable autosync to keep the data in sync.
  • Done!

Sync tips

  • Different themes and plugins for mobile and desktop: Tick “Exclude hidden files” in the settings. The .obsidian folder with themes, plugins and more data won’t get synced between desktop and mobile. Through that you can keep different plugins and themes between mobile and desktop.
  • Crashes: Your Obsidian vault will crash upon loading if a file contains an illegal character, e.g. : % # ^ | / \ ? < >.
  • Emojis that sync with Dropbox
  • How to add an Obsidian note to the homescreen on Android