Red Rising

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Minor spoilers

Red Rising takes place in a universe where humans are divided into classes by colours. We follow the story of the Red hell-diver Darrow.

This book was a cool read. The premise of different colours and Darrow’s origin was interesting and well done. Especially the way Golds spoke, their vocabulary stood out to me. I listened to the audiobook and the narrator was fantastic. It added a lot to the experience.

The book leaned towards the dramatic: White wolf cloaks! Greek gods! Dramatic nicknames! At times, the sensational crossed over into the melodramatic but not so much that the book lost me. The book had several moments that were impactful and significant for me as a reader. It was a captivating listen on my daily bike ride to work. Will I read the second book in trilogy though? I’m unsure. /5 ⭐

Note: I read this book with a book club over Discord. With small changes, I pasted my messages here.

Thoughts while reading