Attention MOC

”Your focus determines your reality”

Why Focus matters so much

The cultural state of focus

  • We have a problem with our focus
    • Attention span shrinks
    • There is a focus industry
  • The mind wanders 47% of the time. Origin
    • The Shack mentions a similar thing: Where do we spend most of our thoughts? Past and future. Where do we live? The present.

Practices for focus

  • Have an hourly awareness chime: Is what I am doing now what I wanted to do?
  • Stop your smartphone
  • Curate your environment

Focus and social life

Enjoy fun interruptions

  • Annoying & No Control: Deal with those distractions and get back on track
  • Fun & No Control: Enjoy!
  • Annoying or Fun and Control: Deal with ahead of time

We interrupt ourselves as often as other’s interrupt us

Since we often distract ourselves, blaming others for the lack of focus is not efficient. Interruptions from ourselves also make it harder to come back into work.

In the morning, we can focus better

Usually we have more focus in the morning. Therefore it is beneficial to do the tasks that require a lot of energy in the morning.