Digital garden

p Image credit: Maggie Appleton

My “digital garden” is a space where I share my thoughts-in-process. This garden embraces the power of the edit button.

What you read here might not be authoritative or complete but it represents my 03 Interests and current state of knowledge.

Feedback and sharing is welcome, that’s the reason for being public!

A living organism

Over time my notes grow, change and gain in value. They mature from a seed to a plant. This allows me to practice Learning in public. I am free to write about what I am currently interested in and change my mind about it.

This requires a certain amount of charity from the reader.

You might disagree with what you read here. I even might disagree with it. I do my best to denote where my head is at through “Level of Certainty” and “Level of Effort” descriptors. Whenever you have constructive criticism to share, you’re free to Contact me.

Organic structure

Similar to the physical counterpart, different parts of digital gardens vary in shape and form. You might enter a park pruned to perfection but once you walk around the edges the vegetation gets wild and weedy. It’s similar here. The notes in the sidebar are pruned entryways. Once you get to the edges it might get messy. That’s part of the process.

If you’re lost, you can also find your way back through the sidebar.

🥾 Now enjoy and explore! Be welcome!