Split Thinking

The idea that there is a divide between the “Holy” and the “Secular”.

The idea of a dichotomy between the “physical” and the “spiritual” has been around at least as long as Plato. It has also affected the world widely with the understanding that some parts of life are “for God” and others are not.

Actually: All things are under Jesus’ authority

Where actually, everything is spiritual. We are called to life a God-centered life.

In 35 Jesus asserts his authority over all things. God cares deeply about every aspect of Creation.

Christ is either Lord of all, or is not Lord at all Hudson Taylor

Practical holiness

Transclude of Lev-19#2

How does God continue to describe holiness?

  • Disease control: 26
  • Honest scales: 35
  • Caring for the poor: 10
  • and plenty more.

A lot of that doesn’t seem to fit into common ideas of “Sacred” and “Secular”.

Issues with Split Thinking

It compartmentalizes the divine

Split Thinking limits the realm which is “for God” to a very tiny sliver. We usually spend more time in what this worldview would consider “mundane” than in the “sacred”.

Leads to false hierarchy

Favouring miraculous over medical healing, favouring missionaries over businessmen.

In Acts 28, two kinds of healing are described:

  • 8: “Healed him” – Supernatural healing
  • 9: “Cured” – Greek: “Tending to them physically”

God works both ways.