Connected Biblical Thinking

This is an umbrella term I use for engaging with Scripture in a context of note-taking (or: Personal Knowledge Management – PKM).

My personal flavor of organising my notes is “Linking your thinking”, an adaptation of the tried and true practice of “Zettelkasten”, which was pioneered by Nick Milo. A great starting point into the whole method is Nick’s Beginner’s Guide to Obsidian.

I have found that the wisdom in those note-making approaches works in a beautiful symbiosis with Scripture.

I am hoping to provide tools to unlock the Benefits of Connected Biblical Thinking, especially the fact that Connecting makes you engage Scripture, in order for my life to be transformed into more and more of a God-centered life.

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A note on humility

I feel a strong discomfort around coining a term like “Connected Biblical thinking”. I sound like a guru to myself. This method is not a product I am trying to market, nor necessarily something I came up with. It is something that works well for me, I can imagine it works for others and things need a name.

I simply want to share this: That there are tremendous benefits of meaningfully connecting Scripture to your study (and personal) notes (For more details, see Benefits of Connected Biblical Thinking).

My hope is that in providing this kit more people would get to know God better through his word.

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