How to engage with any cultural text

From Plugged In – Connecting Your Faith with Everything You Watch, Read, and Play.

”Text” meaning any cultural creation: Video games, movies novels, etc …

”In popular culture, we see popular desires revealed.”

1. Entering: Stepping into the world and listening to the story


  1. What’s the story being told? By whom?
  2. How does this answer Man’s three basic questions?
  3. What would the world look like if the premise of this would become true?
  4. Do people buy into it?
  5. What’s the false Gospel story?

2. Exploring: searching for elements of grace and the idols attached to them


  1. What’s true good and helpful about this in terms of God’s common grace? How is it twisted and distorted?

3. Exposing: Showing up the idols as destructive fraughts


  1. Getting people to stop and think: 19.
  2. We need to show up the “explanatory poverty” of idols

4. Evangelising: Showing up the Gospel of Christ as subversive fulfillment


  1. With which elements does the Gospel connect or confront? How is the Gospel the subversive fulfillment?