Examples of inductive note-taking

up:: Examples of Connected Biblical Thinking When we Start connecting Scripture we can connect in two ways: Inductively or deductively. This outlines inductive note-taking from Scripture. Have a look at Examples of deductive note-taking.

Both are forms of Connected Biblical Thinking and means to live a God-centered life.

This process can happen on different layers of structure: Verse, Chapter, Book and on Scripture as a whole.


Let’s say I meditate on John 3. What stands out to me is verse 35:

Transclude of John-3#35

This reminds me of the note I have on Split Thinking and how not only some things are under the authority of Jesus but all things. I add a new heading: All things are under Jesus’ authority.


In a similar way, whole chapters can speak to us and warrant a new note. Upon reading Gen 1, we see that there is so much to draw out. In the newly created note Creation account, we consolidate our thoughts and prepare the ground for an evergreen note that can continue to grow with us as our insights grow.


Each book of The Bible has it’s own note. While reading though a book we can use it to write down the themes of the book or sketch an outline. See John for an example.


The Bible is one unified (27) , God-breathed (16) story pointing towards Jesus. In a note like God’s unified story we can keep track of the meta-narrative and view whatever we are reading in God’s grand story.

Biblical motifs

Similarly, the Bible is written in a densely connected way (See: Connecting strengthens remembering). There are repeating motifs and images that expand and are re-contextualized as we keep reading. In a note like Biblical Themes and Images MOC we can keep track of each theme and it’s occurrences and relevance.

What does this remind me of?

Almost everything that Jesus says or does is a reference to other parts of Scripture. Let’s take the story of 39 for example. Think about the key elements and ask yourself “Where have I seen this before?” There’s a boat, on water, a storm, someone is sleeping in the boat while other people are panicking.

There is a huge value in reading the Bible keeping similar stories in mind.