Transclude of Prov-22#29
==—29== When you’re good at what you do, you’ll end up in front of kings.

We are called to do our work with an authentic love for excellence. Jesus’ work was superlative. Whereever he went, he amazed people. So is God’s Creation. It’s not junky or patched together. It is excellent, flowing out of abundant loving generosity.

The church’s approach to an intelligent carpenter is usually confined to exhorting him to not be drunk and disorderly in his leisure hours and to come to church on Sunday. What the church should be telling him is this: that the very first demand that his religion makes upon him is that he should make good tables. – Dorothy Sayers

In this, the good thing is he only calls us to be excellent as ourselves.

Transclude of Rom-12#6

The best musicians aren’t the ones with the innate talent but the ones who practice a lot. (Related: Learning to play the Guitar)

Our aim to pursue excellence while not fall into pride and celebretyism.

Showing people the “beauty behind the beauty”

31 explains how even something as mundane as drinking or eating can be done for the glory of God. In our work we can show people the beauty behind the beauty. Design

Called to be a hard worker

How ought we work? Like God. Working hard, being eager, honest and true. It is about our attitude towards our work.

1112 or “win the respect of outsiders”. Our work ethic is a witness.


Transclude of Garden-City-·-Work,-Rest,-and-the-Art-of-Being-Human.#god-values-excellence
Transclude of Garden-City-·-Work,-Rest,-and-the-Art-of-Being-Human.#we-are-called-to-be-hard-workers