Domains of Society

up:: Biblical Worldview MOC The domains of society are a human construct, a tool to pull apart areas of society.

The seven spheres

Society is shaped by seven spheres of influence. All spheres are about reclaiming dominion.

Authority Domains 👑

The interplay

Society doesn’t work in bubbles. Society is the interplay of all of these.

Bible Study

A great tool to explore the Domains in Scripture is the SphereView Bible.

Being a Christian doesn’t make you better in your sphere

Level of Certainty: Still thinking through this. An ongoing question.

Every person is created as an Image bearers. So everyone can operate in God’s way in any of the spheres. It is more about fulfilling the heart of each domain than being a Christian.

It is better to have a government official who is great at bringing justice than one who is “Christian”. Naturally however, Christians, with the empowering of the Holy Spirit should embody God’s Excellence. But they don’t always do.

So when it comes to Domain - Arts & Entertainment, it is more important to ask “Is this means of entertainment good/beautiful?” rather than “Is this Christian?” (What even is a ‘Christian’ painting?).

Somewhere I read that Christians aren’t necessarily morally superior to non-believers. I think the prodigal god might have been that. God’s elected family mentions this too.


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