Deep Focus

up:: Self-Leadership There is a variety of terms describing one task filling the entire Attentional space: Hyperfocus, Flow (stage), Deep Work ….

”Deep Focus” resonates the most with me for now. I might use the other terms interchangeably.

This note describes a time-limited posture, for a lifestyle of intentionality see Focus (or: Simplicity).

In Deep Focus, one tasks fills the entire attentional space

To hyperfocus, you must

  1. choose a productive or meaningful object of attention;
  2. eliminate as many external and internal distractions as you can;
  3. focus on that chosen object of attention;
  4. and continually draw your focus back to that one object of attention.

Schedule times of Hyperfocus

When it comes to times of hyperfocus, schedule times of deep focus ahead of time. Time blocking

Anticipate obstacles ahead of time

In that, have a look at your calendar and anticipate obstacles.

Practical: Weekly Review

This could be an addition to my version of The weekly review. Schedule as many times as your work allows and for as long as you feel comfortable with.

The less you want to do a task, the more important it is to be focused

When we don’t want to do a task, we are prone to distractions, trying to do busy work to not focus on what we ought to. Therefore when being faced with an important task that you don’t want to do, tame distractions ahead of time.