Christian fatalism

up:: Common misconceptions in Christian worldview Fatalism: The belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable.

God created us as Image bearers, allowing us to make independent choices. He didn’t create us as puppets. God changed his mind: 9.

The response to fatalism is faith: 6, 10

Fear of failureCourage to take risks
”I am a victim""I am a responsible person"
"Life happens to me""Life is what I make it”
Things don’t changeWe innovate
  • 6: He took the initiative
  • v10: He involved God
  • v15: “And there was a great panic”

In order to conquer adverse circumstances one must believe that things are changeable

In a study by Richard Logan mentioned in Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Experience it was found that there was one common attitude of those who survived harsh ordeals. The likes of concentrations camp inmates or polar explorers stranded in the Arctic all shared the belief that destiny was in their hands.