# Welcome! 👋 Hi, I’m Joschua. These are my *public notes*, a collection of entries that I’ve written for myself. I’m sharing them online to ‘work with the garage door up’, to give you a look behind the scenes, in the hope that you might stumble upon something interesting. > [!hint] New! > I am considering turning the [[+Start here|Bible Study Kit]] into a fleshed out course. Help me see if there’s interest by filling out this **[short form](https://joschua.io/courseform)** There is a bit of tension that comes with [[Digital garden]]s. Most of the content you find on here is written for myself — not for an audience in mind. A notable exception is the [[+Start here|Bible Study for Obsidian Kit]]. As a result, notes you find here might be confusing or unclear. Some of these notes might also be outdated. If that doesn’t sound like your vibe, it’s not too late to turn back. My [blog](https://joschua.io) might be a better destination. If you’re not afraid to navigate through backlinks and tags, are willing to brave the Graph View and know your way back from a 404 page then, by all means, proceed. > [!co] > 🗺 How to navigate this garden 🧭: > > Clicking on a link will make you follow it. On the bottom of each page, you can see back links to that page. In the sidebar you can always get back to one of the overview pages. If you enjoy this garden, you can help keep it going through [buy me a coffee](https://www.buymeacoffee.com/joschua). ## Notes Most of my notes originate from books. You can find all book notes at the [[Books]] overview note. Another place to dive in is [[03 Interests|Interests]]. [[01 Faith]], [[05 Programming MOC]] and [[Self-Leadership]] are some areas that are a bit more fleshed out. ### Top of mind notes Bigger topics that have recently been added or expanded. * [[Vue]] * [[React]] * [[Effective Altruism]] * [[This Cultural Moment MOC]] * [[Self-Leadership]] * [[Creativity MOC]] Here is what I am [[Currently Reading (Auto-Updating)|Currently Reading]]: ![[Currently Reading (Auto-Updating)]] ### Recent Notes 📝 * [[React]] * [[JavaScript]] * [[Each culture and person has unique obstacles to encountering Jesus]] * [[A Theology for Online Creators]] * [[05 Programming MOC]] * [[Theology of Work]] * [[Image bearers]] * [[Setting up Obsidian on Android with Dropbox sync]] * [[How to add an Obsidian note to the homescreen on Android]] * [[Flow MOC]] * [[Active Recreation]] * [[Good rest takes some effort]] * [[It is better to give than to receive]] * [[Spiritual Disciplines MOC]] * [[Competition as cooperation]] * [[Digital garden]] * [[S - Simple Productivity – How to Accomplish More With Less]] * [[S - How to build a better schedule]] * [[Garden Timeline]] * [[The Brain]] * [[Level of Effort]] * [[Level of Certainty]] * [[Attention MOC]] * [[Scatterfocus]] * [[Leadership MOC]] * [[Giving attention is giving authority]] * [[Steal from your heroes]] * [[Emergence]] * [[Writing]] * [[Newsletter]] ## About this project To find out more about the project, follow to [[Meta]]. If you're curious about who I am, you can read a bit [[About me]]. If you find an error or a topic spark your interest, don't hesitate to [[Contact me]]. This project is made possible by a group of generous patreons. If the value you receive from this content moves you to give, you can support this project [on patreon](https://www.patreon.com/joschua).