Different fonts when writing encourage different states of mind

In [[Jolly Swagman Podcast - Andy Matuschak|Jolly Swagman Podcast #141]] Andy makes this point when being asked for his favourite font:

And then in terms of what to use to read and write, fonts affect the way that you think and feel. I find, for instance, that if I use a beautiful serif, book font for my work-in-progress notes, that that feels imposing and it makes me self-edit more.

So using something more casual or even typewriter-style, will help me for messier work. Whereas when I’m writing a manuscript, seeing it typeset really beautifully and seriously, like this is like a legitimate, earnest work, it actually helps me like rise to the occasion.

So just think about it in terms of manipulating your emotions.

I have noticed this with writing notes in Obsidian: A rough font, like iA Writer Mono, encourages me to be more messy.

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