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I don’t think I got as much out of this book as I could have! I read it on and off over the span of three months. I heard a lot of good things about this book, so I wanted to make sure I was ‘in the right headspace’ to get the most out of each writing session. Ironically, that slowed down my reading and made me get less out of it.

Still, the key point stuck: Growing as a Christian is not about “graduating” from the basic truth of the Gospel, but going ever deeper into it. It also made me center 12 weeks of habits around reading Scripture and praying.

The book itself is beautifully written. He captures the beauty of Jesus so well.

This is one of the rare books that I bought a physical copy of. I like that I have it in my bookshelf to return to at a later time. I feel like this book just gets better and deeper with each read.


  • We are following Jesus with a “strangely relaxed strenuousness”
  • This book made me pick “Psalm and Prayer” (‘breathe in, breathe out’) as theme for 2023-Q3
  • “The Father ordains salvation, the Son accomplishes salvation, and the Spirit applies salvation.”
  • “Everything that we experience of God is the working of the Spirit.”
  • “We don’t need the Spirit to obey God but we do need the Spirit to enjoy obeying God.” (Which is the only kind of real obedience since enjoying God is commanded)