Browser cache

  • Stored locally in Browser
  • Until time to live (TTL) expires
    • or hard drive is full
    • or cache is cleared manually

CDN caching

A content delivery network (CDN) stores content in proxy servers closer to the end user than the site’s origin servers.

This is like a chain of grocery stores. Instead of people going to the field where the food is grown, the food is distributed to a store nearby.

When a user requests content from a proxy server, it gets that content from the origin server and stores it.

It is stored until

  • TTL expires,a
  • sometimes if the content isn’t requested,
  • or if the website manager manually purges the content


Netlify automatically invalidates the CDN cache on every deploy.

[N]ew deploys invalidate the edge cache for the given deploy context by default. – Netlify docs: Caching