The Great Mental Models, Vol. 1

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Summary / Reflection

This was one of Bookworm Golden Books and Mike Schmitz speaks of this collection highly. So I had high expectations.

The book didn’t meet them. I was expecting the models created to be more groundbreaking, but all of them were interesting but not revolutionary. The explanation and anecdotes chosen for each model also felt somehow flat. The light rationalist/secular scientist approach also wasn’t my vibe. It could have benefited by just going a step deeper into the ramifications of the models.

The sponsorship message of Automattic also felt out of place in a book that I bought. I don’t need to see a job ad in something I paid full price for.

It’s a beautiful and well-crafted book though, and I wonder if over time I use it as a coffee table compendium of ideas to flick through. That’s where it might shine.

3.75/5 stars 🌟