How to build a better schedule

Time ownership

Time management, or, time ownership. We can’t invest or make more of our time. Five minutes is five minutes. But what we can do is own our time.

A healthy productivity system

”A productivity flywheel”: Identify what matters → PlanAct on your plan → Celebrate

Reminded me of the SkillShare course S - Simple Productivity – How to Accomplish More With Less and “Explore, Eliminate, Execute”.

Live for now

You can’t just keep on kicking the can down the road. Enjoy what you’re doing now.

Living a “someday” life was demoralizing. Make Time

It’s very dangerous to have your identity tied to what you will achieve or be and not be okay with who you are now.

Eisenhower box

Important & Urgent: Projects and tasks Important & Not Urgent: Habits and routines

Lack of time isn’t the problem

Often the problem is Intention, not time. We procrasti-work or busywork.

Planning the perfect week

If we don’t allocate our time, it will get filled. Parkinson’s Law: Work expands to fill the time allotted.

just check

Social Media checks divert attention rob us of Scatterfocus, moments of Solitude.

Exercise: Screen Time

  • Guesstimate how much time you spent on social media.
  • Then go to screen time and check.
  • Consider setting a Screen Time limit or two

Planning is everything

Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. Dwight Eisenhower

Even though life might punch us in the face, planning is setting intentionality.

Time Budgeting

Every hour gets a job. Two bookends:

  • Time blocking
  • Time tracking

How to Time Block

  • Schedule Most Important Tasks
  • Schedule routines / habits
  • Fill around them

Pull out from the digital database (Todoist + Calendar) to analog. Set one daily highlight and a todo-list of maximum five things.

Set a minimum limit on time on important things and a maximum limit on unimportant things.

Block for enjoyment

The goal is to feel good about how you’ve invested your time and enjoy it.