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Welcome to the Bible Study Kit, nice to meet you! ๐Ÿ‘‹ If youโ€™re curious about who I am, you can read a bit more About me. If you accidentally stumbled upon this kit and have no idea about the Biblical story, start here: What is the Gospel?.

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What this kit tries to solve

The Bible exhorts us to โ€œacquire and seek knowledgeโ€ (15). Yet, the way in which we do that is often inefficient. You can probably identify with some of The shortcomings of common note-taking practices.

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After you have identified some of the challenges youโ€™re facing, youโ€™re ready to dive in. When lost, you can always come back to the Overview.

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There are three paths which you can explore:


I am indebted to j.split, karlpalmer, Lithou, MikeBraddock and Nick Milo for their willingness to provide feedback for the early drafts of this kit. Your thoughts made this kit a much better one.