Set up your Obsidian for Bible Study

If your Obsidian is already set up, it’s time to Start connecting Scripture and practice Connected Biblical Thinking.

Step 1: The Basics

  • Get familiar with your note-taking program. This kit is specifically for Obsidian but principles might still work in other programs like Roam or TiddlyWiki.
  • Start taking notes. Take new notes or transcribe old notes. The most important thing is to start creating and connecting notes.

Step 2: How to get the Bible in your vault

A Bible in Markdown already accompanies this kit. You can copy the folder into your own vault for personal usage. Make sure to also use CSS tweaks for Obsidian Publish for a smoother reading experience.

The translation I am using is the WEB due to it’s generous copyright guidelines. For importing other translations, use the BibleGateway-to-Obsidian Script.

Get familiar with navigating the Bible in Obsidian. Follow the link and start in the beginning: Gen 1.

Step 3: Get familiar with the Bible in Obsidian

The Bible accompanying this kit is structured in three layers of emergence:

  1. Chapter: Each chapter is one file. Example: John 3
  2. Book: Each book is both a folder and a note. Example: John. Use the book notes for an overview and commentary on the book
  3. Scripture: All books are in one overview note: The Bible. From here you can jump into different books.

Using Obsidian’s linking features, we can effortlessly jump between different layers of structure.

Get going

Now that everything is set up and you’re familiar with it, Start connecting Scripture!