Post-Christianity offers a kind of alternative, liberal form of Christianity

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While cursory glances at our culture’s religious hue can give one the impression of atheism, we will soon see its liberal Christian residue. Following liberal Christianity’s lead, the majority of Westerners hold to a belief in a pleasant afterlife and a benevolent Christian-esque God. However, the doctrines of divine judgment and hell are ditched as repugnantly retrograde. Mark Sayers, Disappearing Church – From Cultural Relevance to Gospel Resilience

Many who leave the church don’t “throw themselves into an atheistic sea”. They hold their faith, but in a reframed form. Anything that demands sacrifice gets scrapped, while the pleasant parts get retained. Western culture is not moving forward but reaching back to an older streak of thought.

Currently, unusually low levels of active faith live alongside relatively high levels of nominal belief

Studies conducted by religious sociologist Gracie Davie show that people identify as believing but don’t participate in active religiousness. “Europe believes but it does not belong”.

The challenge that the church faces, is not the rise of unbelief but the rise of a belief that is detached from an idea of belonging.


Post-Christianity offers a kind of alternative liberal form of Christianity