In Machine Learning, you receive rules based on data and answers provided

Tradtional Programming

In Traditional Programming, you give a language rules. Those rules act on data and provide answers.

flowchart LR
    R[Rules] --> T[[Traditional Programming]]
    D[Data] --> T
    T --> A[Answers]

Machine learning

In Machine Learning, you provide answers and data and the model infers the rules.

“Answers” are also called “labels”.

flowchart LR
    A[Answers] --> T[[Machine Learning]]
    D[Data] --> T
    T --> R[Rules]

Machine Learning Programming creates Models

In Traditional Programming, code compiles into a binary which is called a program.

In Machine Learning, the item you create from data and labels is called a model.

flowchart LR
    D[Data] --> M[[Model]]
    M --> P[Predictions]