God’s unified story

up:: The Bible An example for an overview note for the whole Bible. This would link to a lot of different Biblical events and concepts. It is way of keeping the meta-narrative in mind.

The Story

from Eternity | Trinitarian God 🔼| Creation ❇️ | The Fall 🆘 | Children of Abraham 🕎 | Jesus Christ ✝️ | Spirit & Church 🛐 | Jesus Returns ✳️ | to Eternity

Trinitarian God 🔼

→ From Eternity to Eternity, God in Trinity in his character eternal

Creation ❇️

Creation account → Humans are called to advance the Creation project: As Image bearers spreading beauty, abundance and order all over God’s Creation

The Fall 🆘

→ The Fall: Rebelling against being Image bearers for our King and crowning ourselves as kings instead

Children of Abraham 🕎

→ Covenant relationship: God’s loving pursuit in the mess we’re in

Jesus Christ ✝️

→ Jesus, the new Adam showing us how to fulfill advancing the Creation project.

Spirit & Church 🛐

→ Fulfilling Humans are called to advance the Creation project in partnership with the Holy Spirit

Jesus Returns ✳️

→ New Creation