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I provide rest, relaxation and restoration of the soul through beauty and joy.

  • Reveals: The Potter
  • Primary attribute of God: Beauty
  • God governs: The Laws of aesthetics of each disciplines

Related: Excellence

Skilled craftsmen in the Bible

Holy Spirit was augmenting the already existing skill. God values practice. Related: Effective learning comes from deliberate practice.

Art points towards the beauty behind the beauty

Often we can try to modify peoples gifts and talents to fit into our little church mold. “You’re good at computers? Do the church powerpoint!” Beauty has intrinsic value, whether it is “Christian” or not. Have you ever heard about a “Christian” sunset?

Count Zinzendorf, a part of the Moravians, had an encounter with God when looking at a painting of Jesus.

Good/bad are more helpful categories than sacred/secular

In our Split Thinking, we like to think about “Is a song secular or is it sacred?“. More helpful however, is “Is this good or is this bad?“.

Even if art is destructive and angry, it being “evil” shouldn’t stop us from engaging with it: How to engage with any cultural text. We can see the “where it is coming from”, we can relate to the world around us.

Art makes us reflect

We are the most over-informed, under-reflected generation of all time.

Therefore art is important.

The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think but to give you questions to think upon. Brandon Sanderson (The Way of Kings)

Art shouldn’t skim over the hard parts of life

Neither do the Psalms.

Inspiring artists


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