up:: [[Creativity MOC]] Steal from your heroes Who are your heroes? Whose work do you enjoy? Take those inspirations and steal them. Don't just steal from one, steal from all of them. Mix, match and remix. ### Nothing is original ![[Eccles 1#9]] ==—[[Eccles 1#9]]== Every creative work is built upon what was before. The Beatles started out as a cover band. Embrace that originality comes from imitating your inspirations. Be appreciate of the giants whose shoulders you stand upon. ### In imitating, you find your voice As you steal the fruits of your heroes and pulse blend them into your creative smoothie, something original happens. You created something greater than the sum of its parts. [[Emergence]] happens. <!--ID: 1698382212692--> Draw three circles on a piece of paper. Do they look the same? We are incapable of making perfect copies. As you steal from your heroes, you will fail to reproduce their work exactly. That's what makes you unique. Amplify that and make something only you can do. *** # Origin ![[Steal Like an Artist – 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative#Steal from your heroes]]