up:: [[Books]] ![thumbnail|150](https://d39ttiideeq0ys.cloudfront.net/assets/images/book/large/9780/3491/9780349113463.jpg) - Type: #book/nonfiction - Author:: [[Malcolm Gladwell]] - Year published:: [[2000]] --- ## Summary/Reflection Takeaway: Not all people matter equally when you want to spread an idea or sell a product. Some people (Maven, Salesmen, Connectors) are more important because they are so influential. Think about how to make your message _sticky_. Being easy to remember and act on. ### The Rule of Few - Critical factor: _the nature of the messenger_ - [[Pareto Principle]]: 20% of criminals commit 80% of crimes - A small minority of people does big change - A few influential people, highly sociable, bring change quickly #### Connectors - Most of our social circle we know from the same couple of people. - They know lots of people - It's an _impulse_: some people just live connecting and don't mind the weak ties - They occupy a lot of different subcultures and niches - Word of mouth happens when the need reach a Connector and they share it - [[Alexandra Hansen|Alex]] is a Connector (that's how I'll get my job) #### Maven Yiddish: "someone who acquired knowledge" - Someone who loves knowing things to help. Someone who recommends the best hotel, gives you the best deals, reads the junk mail and lets you know. - [[Jacob Collin|Jacob]], [[Ruth Collin|Ruth]] are Mavens in a way ## Stickiness Factor - Factor: _The nature of the message_ - Is it "sticky"? Memorable that it can create change - This is often narrow, small changes and counterintuitive. - For Sesame Street the big difference was to have adults and puppets _together_. - Not the prime time ## Power of Context - Factor: sensitive to the conditons and circumstances of times and places they occur in - Crime is not just a "personality disorder" but depends on context: Seeing an unkempt street, people are more likely to also behave bad - Stanford Prison Experiment: It's the context. - Are prisons full of nasty people or is it the nasty environment that turns people nasty?