up:: [[Books]] ![thumbnail|150](https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/41shZGS-G+L._SY346_.jpg) - Type: #book/nonfiction - Author:: [[Daniel Kahneman]] - Year published:: [[2011]] --- The [[Cortex Podcast]] did an [episode](https://open.spotify.com/episode/7zyCu1TebFfPKcx06UUONk?si=xzp_yWr6SyC0KgUGuO96jg&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1) on this: - everyone always overestimates their own contribution to any kind of partner work - if you ask a couple how much they contribute, it's always more than 100% at all - "Replication crisis": a lot of medicine and social sciences studies can't, or have never been attempted, to be replicated - Grey would have all of his students stand up and flip a coin. Tails sits down, heads stands. Just mathematically, one of them will be like "wow heck, I flipped four heads in a row". I thousands of phd students do their experiments, just by chance some would get impressive results. Doesn't mean they can be replicated.